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Why Ali Left Her Career as a Lawyer to Open a Bake Shop

Why Ali Left Her Career as a Lawyer to Open a Bake Shop

September 7, 2021

Have you put a lot of time and resources into a career? One that you enjoy, that allows you to earn well, and aligns with your gifts? Are you still feeling unfulfilled or like a part of you is still wondering “is there something more”? 


Meet Ali. 


Ali is a former lawyer turned baker and owner of the Good Cookie Sweet Shop. She found herself enjoying the title of lawyer and the assumptions people had “baked in” with the title like educated, smart, successful. But when she finally found time to herself and began to question who she was outside of her career as a lawyer--she found an answer she didn’t expect. An answer with a cute pink door, loads of gratitude, and an extraordinary way to mix family and business. Take a listen and see how the ability to let go of your fears, find support, gain confidence, and grow a thick skin can take you from a dream to a reality. 


What you’ll hear in today’s episode: 

  • How childhood aspirations surface back up in adulthood
  • What it’s like to feel defined by a job title
  • The thought process behind knowing when to quit
  • How do you make decisions? The Kolbe Assessment 
  • Should I rent or buy my brick and mortar business?


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