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10 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Cooking

November 10, 2020

While Thanksgiving will likely look different this year, that doesn’t mean it has to be any less delicious. With so many of us unable to travel to see extended family or forced to stay home and keep the holiday intimate, we figured it would be a good time for Liz and Vince to share their cooking tips and tricks for a relaxed and fun holiday season.  When the world changes, an opportunity arises to start new traditions. In this rapid-fire episode, you’ll learn how to honor cherished traditions while also starting new ones. Regardless of the situation, Liz and Vince are here to help with 10 tips for stress-free holiday cooking. Hit us up on Instagram and let us know which of the tips you knew about, which ones you didn’t, and how many you’re planning to implement this holiday season. 


A few of the lessons you can expect to learn in today’s episode:

  • There are no rules, especially this be creative!
  • Have chicken stock on the stove and ready to go (Liz’s recipe).
  • Clean as you go, trust us.
  • Acidity is your friend: try Liz’s Syrian salad!
  • Don’t be afraid to buy or outsource your desserts.
  • Enjoy the holiday!


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