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5 Money Thoughts Holding You Back

January 26, 2021


If any episode is GOLD, this one would be it. Most of us are not even aware of how much negativity we carry around about money. Thoughts, conscious and subconscious, that actually prevent us from making more money and tapping into our full earning potential. Liz breaks down common money thoughts with Vince and helps us visualize just how much GOOD can from earning lots of money. There are so many benefits to shifting your money mindset, not the least of which is how many more people you can help. So listen in closely - Episode 65 is going to blow your money-loving mind!!


What you’ll hear in today’s episode: 

  • The 5 money thoughts holding you back
  • How to stop negative money thoughts
  • Which money thoughts matter
  • Liz’s and Vince’s differing perspectives on money mindset
  • Saving vs. spending money


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