Passion to Profit Podcast

An Honest Conversation About Year One

September 29, 2020

In this week’s episode, Liz & Vince look back on their first year of producing the Irie Lemon Podcast. Coming from such vastly different approaches to entrepreneurship, Liz & Vince have learned so much working together over the last year. This episode provides an honest glimpse into the business partners’ special chemistry with one another alongside the occasional conflicts that arise when two high-powered hustlers with nearly opposite demeanors work together towards a common goal. Just like any successful partnership, the Irie Lemon duo have learned that communication and compromise are the hallmarks of any meaningful growth. 

Hear the wonderful chemistry of these dynamic hosts, partners, and friends in today’s fun episode sponsored by Revolution Farms.


What you can expect to hear Liz & Vince reminisce about and analyze: 

  • Their favorite moments of year one
  • Their most challenging adjustments in moving from lone visionary to half of a duo
  • Tips for current or aspiring podcasters
  • What’s next in Irie Lemon’s plans to slowly take over the world
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