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10 Tips for Becoming a Better Cook

July 21, 2020

With more people cooking at home than ever before, Liz and Vince will be sharing more episodes in the months to come centered around food. To kick it off, this week they share 10 of the best tips for becoming more confident in the kitchen. Offering two entirely different culinary perspectives, Vince shares his wisdom as a Jamaican chef and restaurant owner and Liz as a nationally renowned food writer and recipe developer. 


Outside of work, Liz and Vince cook for friends and family every single day. Whether Liz is trying to get dinner on the table for her family of four or Vince is creating a meal for his family on one of their rare days off, both have been cooking their entire lives and have learned a lot of simple yet impactful cooking tips along the way. 


In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to use recipes as a ‘method’ not a strict rulebook
  • Why it’s important to try new ingredients in the kitchen
  • “If you want to become a better cook, cook more”
  • The 4 S’s: spicy, salty, sour, sweet
  • Why you should avoid restaurants with kids menus
  • That chicken isn’t meant to be boneless 


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If you have any topic ideas for the future, let us know on Instagram or the comment section on YouTube! Enjoyed this episode? Leave a review and send it to your best friend. Stay tuned for weekly episodes filled with practical tips, amazing conversations and incredible guests!

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