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The Power of Influence ft. Stonyfield

October 5, 2019

On this week’s episode, we are joined by Kristina and Mairead of Stonyfield! Stonyfield is an organic yogurt producer that has a very strong grasp on the modern age of marketing.  Both Kristina and Mairead have an understanding on the ideas of marketing and promoting a business on social media. Some of the topics we cover this week are:

  • Choosing the right influencers to partner with
  • How some influencers can provide more value than others (how to recognize this)
  • How a company like Stonyfield has adapted to the modern marketing ways
  • The various ways to apply their stories into your business or future plans

If you have any topic ideas for the future, let us know on Instagram or the comment section on YouTube! Enjoyed this episode? Leave a review and send it to your best friend. Stay tuned for weekly episodes filled with practical tips, amazing conversations and incredible guests! 


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