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Gary Vee, Pivoting, and Why You Should Check Your Emails

January 5, 2021
It is the first day of Season 2 and the first week of 2021. Things are looking up, friends. In this first episode of Season 2 we meant to share an amazing interview with Gary Vaynerchuk and planned our season launch around it. We planned, prepared, and even had snacks. What happened? You’ll have to listen to find out. Vince and Liz make the best of an unexpected situation and share some golden nuggets of inspiration on positively planning for the best case scenario, inviting others into conversation, and maybe some simple strategies on email management. 
What you’ll hear in today’s episode: 
  • The full Gary Vee story
  • How the team pivoted to make the most of it
  • Vince’s thoughts on having conversations rather than being a “guru”
  • Liz on going all in and being positive regardless of outcome
  • Why you should always put your best foot forward
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