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Irie Lemon is Over

December 22, 2020

Say whaaaaat?! Is Irie Lemon over for real? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out. 


In Episode 60, Liz and Vince dish ALL the juicy details about their friendship - the beginning and where they’re going in 2021. They disagree on whose idea it was to work together, and who is the real entrepreneur. Vince compares business partnership to Disney movies, and Liz hilariously breaks down early Irie Lemon failures. The entire episode is full of amazing nuggets of wisdom, business tips, and inspiration. It’s a do-not-miss end of the year listen. So pop those earbuds in and buckle up.


What you can expect to learn in today’s episode: 

  • Finally hear the full (hilarious) story on how Liz and Vince met 
  • Discover whether friendship or business is more important
  • How to use failure as navigation toward success
  • Hear behind the scenes, never shared details about Irie Lemon


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(Sorry you found out this way, Rich.)


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