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Managing & Leading Teams During a Pandemic

November 17, 2020

In an episode the first of its kind, Liz & Vince welcome a family member into the mix. National public relations firm Greentarget is led by founding partner John Corey, the insightful and eloquent entrepreneur who just so happens to be Liz’s first cousin!  After a successful early career in public relations, John co-founded Greentarget in 2004 on the basis of hard work, risk taking, authenticity, creative thinking and growth. Since then, the firm has experienced substantial organic growth, all while maintaining the delicate ecosystem that is a company’s culture. With offices in Chicago, NYC, and LA, Greentarget is living proof of John’s business acumen. 

A few of the lessons you can expect to learn in today’s episode:

  • John’s leap from employee to employer
  • Tips for organic growth without sacrificing your culture
  • Unique challenges that arise at $3M / $6M / $9M in revenue
  • Tips for success in adapting and thriving during a global pandemic
  • Outside of business, John shares another passion with Liz & Vince...can you guess what it is?

The Greentarget Manifesto

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