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Practical Tips for Clean Eating with Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

December 15, 2020

In Episode 59 we chat with Lexi of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen who shares a few practical and easy tips for incorporating clean eating into everyday life. Whether you’re looking to eat healthier this year or simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Lexi makes healthy living fun and approachable. 


Lexi shares her experience with various digestion concerns and how these diagnoses lead her to change her diet and ultimately her life. Whether you don’t know where to start, or you need some help navigating labels or a restaurant menu, this episode will touch on a little bit of everything.

What you can expect to learn in today’s episode: 

  • Tips on feeding kids healthy, whole foods
  • Elimination diets, managing gut health, and diet culture
  • How to apply the 80/20 rule, especially during the holidays
  • The 411 on reading labels and greenwashing in food marketing
  • Other pillars of healthy living like soap, air fresheners, and more
  • Managing eating out/takeout while eating clean or managing gut issues


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