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Rebranding in 5 Easy Steps

February 2, 2021


Overwhelm holding you back from a much-needed rebrand? We hear you, but the longer you wait the harder AND more expensive it’ll be to change. If your gut is telling you it’s time, then it’s time. In Episode 66 of the Passion to Profit Podcast, Liz and Vince discuss their rebrand strategy in both their personal brands and together as Irie Lemon. Vince shares the difference between good and bad branding, and Liz talks about her experience in rebranding and running into legal issues with the name of her business. Fire tips and advice, as always.


What you’ll hear in today’s episode: 

  • The 5 easy steps to rebranding
  • What to do before you rebrand
  • Whether you should trademark your ish
  • Why branding is everything
  • Do fonts matter?


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